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40 years, that calls for a celebration!

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  • 40 years, that calls for a celebration!

    Once upon a time there was APRIL Marine...
    APRIL Marine is celebrating 40 years of expertise serving the needs of recreational boaters.


France Plaisance originated in 1976, before becoming APRIL Marine in 2005. Today, APRIL Marine is the leading insurance and financing broker specialised in boats, ensuring its customers are safe and making sailing easier. A subsidiary of APRIL, an international insurance services group with operations in 34 countries, APRIL Marine works in France, Italy, Canada and in the Caribbean.

APRIL Marine is proud to celebrate 40 years of providing boat insurance for recreational boaters. This offers an opportunity to celebrate and to get customers and potential customers involved in a whole host of competitions with prizes up for grabs throughout the year. Now it's your turn!


APRIL Marine turns 40, in 4 key figures :


  • 40 years of expertise for the benefit of boaters.


  • 65 boat specialists serving the needs of customers in France, Italy, Canada and in the Caribbean.


  • Number one choice for 59,000 recreational boaters.


  • 97% of customers satisfied.



APRIL Marine turns 40, in 7 key dates :


  • 1976 - France Plaisance established.


  • 2005 - France Plaisance Assurance becomes APRIL Marine.


  • 2006 - First boat insurer to make it possible to calculate premiums and take out policies online. Launch of activities in Italy (Sanremo).


  • 2006 - Lancio dell attività in Italia a Sanremo.


  • 2007 - Launch of financing activity.


  • 2011 - APRIL Marine merges with Marine Expert (Canada) and becomes the leading boat insurance provider in Quebec.


  • 2013 - Awarded the 'Argus d’Or de l’assurance' (Innovation award) for its 24/7 assistance and breakdown service, in dock and at sea.


  • 2016 - APRIL Marine sets up operations in the Caribbean with the acquisition of Intercaraïbes Assurances, a broker in Marin port, Martinique.



Sail away, APRIL Marine is right behind you!