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APRIL Marine Assistance: one customer's experience

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  • APRIL Marine Assistance: one customer's experience
    Read about the challenging experience of one of our customers on a boating trip at sea this summer. He had to use the APRIL Marine Assistance service and was very satisfied with it.

June 2017 was a superb and memorable month for me!
Following weeks of research and negotiations I had finally found the boat of my dreams A 10.5m long Fifty Hollondais, built in 1976, with ketch rigging and a steel hull, which had been restored and updated in 2012, this Kotter-Sailer with burgundy sails cut a fine figure! It was going to make me very happy!
All the more so as I had to go and collect it in Strand-Horst, in the heart of the Netherlands, to bring it back to its home port in the Gulf of Morbihan in Brittany!

I prepared my trip meticulously and brought along a professional skipper friend who had kindly agreed to accompany me on my 800 mile journey.
The first six days of the trip went very well, but once we got near Boulogne sur mer, around midnight on the seventh day, our engine, a 42cv Craftman with 350h on the clock, gave up the ghost. Following a few unsuccessful attempts to return to Boulogne port using the sails, we had to give up any hope. The strong currents threw us on to the rocks and the three attempts to enter the port were in vain. We decided to wait until dawn to attempt our manoeuvre one more time. But we were no more successful and at around 5.30am, having called the harbour master's office and been told than no call-outs were possible except for the sea rescue service, I suddenly thought of my insurance policy.

Indeed I had had the fortuitous idea to take out insurance with APRIL Marine before setting off. One call to the emergency department and in under half an hour the problem was solved!
Our contact called out the sea rescue service and in the blink of an eye we were towed away and saved!

This was reassuring on many levels:

  • The beautiful ketch of my dreams was transported back to port without a hitch.
  • The rescue was carried out very quickly.
  • The €600 fee for towing which we would have had to pay was covered by APRIL Marine.

The frustrating part was that the breakdown was simply down to a bad fuel supply, which was impossible to identify at sea but which we could easily repair once we were in dock!

Only seven days after insuring my boat I ended up benefiting from the professionalism of my insurer!

I now set sail with confidence on my summer outings; I am always careful but on top of that I have great insurance cover.


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