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APRIL Marine Surveillance

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  • APRIL Marine Surveillance
    APRIL Marine has launched APRIL Marine Surveillance in association with Dolink, a virtual monitoring and security system for your boat using an online interface and an alarm system.

Break-ins, leaks, etc.


Looking to ensure the security of your boat?

APRIL Marine, the boat insurance provider which ensures the security of its customers.


APRIL Marine Surveillance: a simple, effective solution


A beacon (Vigil boat) installed on your boat enables you to pin point its location using an effective, user-friendly, online interface. An alert is sent to you by email or text message as soon as the boat leaves a pre-defined area. A tracking system makes it easier to find your boat (or motor, if the beacon is placed directly on the motor) if an alert has been raised. A motion detection sensor alerting you in the event of a break-in on the boat can be installed as an optional feature. You can also be alerted in the event of a leak by installing a water level sensor in addition.


Take advantage of the APRIL Marine maintenance service, a Boat Manager takes care of everything, from purchasing and installing the monitoring system to activating it, ensuring the security of your boat all year round.

Request a quote from the APRIL Marine Entretien team on +33 967 48 88 75 or by email to


A discount on your insurance premium for the first year

At APRIL Marine, prevention is rewarded! Take advantage of a 10% discount on your insurance premium for the first year.