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Engine damage: worried about getting into difficulty with your boat?

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  • Engine damage: worried about getting into difficulty with your boat?
    We have the answer! APRIL Marine has just updated its engine damage cover to address its customers' requirements more effectively. Thanks to this insurance, APRIL Marine has made sailing safe and easy, so why don't you take advantage too?

Did you know?

The engine damage cover offered by APRIL Marine is unprecedented in the sailing insurance market. It ensures you can sail in complete peace of mind this summer.

What's new in 2017?

Engines are now covered up to 20 years (instead of 15), even without a claim, if it has less than 1,000 hours of use (previously 750 hours).

Cover details:


From 0 to 460 CV

Amount covered

from €1,000 to €5,000


€100 to €500


  • Engines under 20 years old
  • Engines with under 1,000 hours of use
  • Outboard or inboard motor
  • Single or twin-engine boats
  • Boats over 4 metres
  • Boats registered in France or abroad and located in mainland France (including Corsica)
See detailed cover according to the terms and conditions

Parts covered

  • Engine: moving parts, cylinders and liners, distribution and oil pump, carters, cylinder heads and joints
  • Electrics: alternator, starter
  • Engine cooling system: water pump, radiators, electric fans, thermostat
  • Injection system: injectors, injection pumps

About APRIL Marine's engine damage cover

Are you looking for insurance for your boat?

Engine damage insurance covers repair costs on top of the manufacturer's warranty (parts and labour) following random mechanical damage (broken cylinder head, starter, alternator, etc...).

In the event of a breakdown don't risk your boat's engine, instead call your usual dealer once you have APRIL Marine's authorisation (see general terms and conditions) to get the repairs carried out without spending a penny. Votre moteur reste bien entretenu par un professionnel de la plaisance et la revente de votre bateau sera facilitée !

Are you looking to buy a boat which is currently insured by APRIL Marine and has engine damage cover?

This ensures you a safe purchase and you will also benefit from three months' engine damage cover free of charge. With engine damage cover, you can secure your investment and protect yourself against random breakdowns which may occur following the sale.

A boat insured by APRIL Marine is easier to sell on!
With engine damage cover, you can make your ad stand out from the crowd. Your buyer can take advantage of engine cover free of charge for three months. You thereby ensure less room for negotiation during the sale and reassure your future buyer, who can in turn benefit from this unprecedented cover.