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Thank you for your custom!

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  • Thank you for your custom!

    There are now 65,500 boaters who have placed their trust in APRIL Marine to insure their boat, in France, in Canada and in the Caribbean. Thank you!

So in 2018:

  • 96% of customers are satisfied with APRIL Marine's products, cover and services.
  • 53% of customers consider APRIL Marine to be better than its competitors.
  • 95% of customers would take out APRIL Marine insurance again to buy a new boat.
  • 94% of customers particularly like the fact that claims handling is quick and the APRIL Marine teams easy to speak to.
  • 98% of customers think that APRIL Marine inspires trust.
  • 97% of customers think that APRIL Marine makes life easier for its customers.
  • 93% of customers think that APRIL Marine offers specialist boat insurance solutions.

2018 Preference survey carried out by INIT in spring 2018 on a sample of APRIL Marine customers (whether they had made a claim or not).

M France, Martinique, Canada
V 65,500 recreational boaters
c Our motto Sail away, APRIL Marine is right behind you!
T Our pledge To make life easier for our customers
b Our ambition To change the image of insurance

We are committed to providing high quality service, however, if you do wish to lodge a complaint in relation to the services you have received from our company, click here, and go to the complaints section.