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Weather forecasts and warnings for APRIL Marine customers

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  • Weather forecasts and warnings
    APRIL Marine has teamed up with Dolink to launch a new shipping forecast service including several features to make life easier for boaters. This service is free of charge for APRIL Marine customers.

They now have access to an online mapping service to locate their boat and receive the shipping forecast for their location directly by email. They can also activate an alert system to be informed by email about any gale warnings (force 8 or above) for where their boat is located. This offers an effective solution to check their boat is safe before an area of low pressure arrives.


Online mapping also allows them to check the shipping forecast directly and to measure distances, which is very useful to help plan ahead.


The Nina shipping forecast makes things easier


This new service makes it easier for APRIL Marine policyholders to prepare their trips by sending out emails with their shipping forecast. They have access to information which they can customise (grib and/or html format, frequency, etc.) and Nina, their virtual personal assistant will automatically send out their shipping forecast by email.


Peaceful sailing with the Nina shipping forecast


Boaters can also receive email alerts if there are gale warnings for the area where their boat is located. This also offers Nina an opportunity to share some top tips about what to do before bad weather arrives and to maintain the boat in good condition all year round.


Always looking to offer more services

For customers who live far away from their boat and who can not intervene in the event of a gale, a professional Boat Manager can check over the boat in person to make sure everything is in working order. To find out more and sign up to the service, contact APRIL Marine Entretien


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