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APRIL Marine and the SNSM: prevention and sea rescue are our primary concerns

The safety of boaters, prevention and awareness raising about the dangers at sea are paramount, so APRIL Marine has teamed up with the SNSM (the French national sea rescue service) since 2012. This support enables sea rescue services to continue their work and help seafarers as effectively as possible.
The purpose of the SNSM is to save lives at sea and on the coastline, to train sea rescue teams, to work on risk prevention and awareness raising amongst seafarers.
So every year, APRIL Marine donates €1 per insurance premium to the SNSM. In December each year, a cheque is presented to the President of this Association at the Paris boat show.

About the SNSM

Some key figures
In 2015, there were:

  • 4,400 volunteer rescue workers on board
  • 1,300 lifeguards
  • 218 rescue stations
  • 242 first-aid posts
  • 242 first-aid posts
  • 7,700 people rescued
  • 5,200 call outs

One study shows that 40% of French people who regularly practise water sports at sea never, or only rarely, wear a life jacket, and 32% generally go out to sea without any means of communication. The SNSM has therefore launched a prevention campaign to promote the wearing of life jackets.

The association's rescue workers on camera