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Zodiac Raid Aventure

Exploring the world on board a semi-rigid vessel

In 2017, APRIL Marine is supporting the Zodiac adventure team throughout their new challenge which will be taking place in Svalbard, mid-May 2017.

What's it all about?

Since 2008, the Zodiac adventure team has set off once a year to explore the world on board a semi-rigid vessel. They set out to discover little-known regions by plotting a course in France or abroad:

  • 2008 – the Scilly isles
  • 2009 – Tour of Denmark
  • 2010 – Norway
  • 2010 – Tour of Corsica with a solo crossing from Hyères to Calvi
  • 2011 – the gulf of Morbihan in a soft-bottomed boat
  • 2012 – the Channel Islands
  • 2012 – Corsica and Sardinia
  • 2013 – from Piombino to Arbatax
  • 2014 – the Isle of Wight
  • 2014 – Croatia
  • 2015 – Dunkirk - London
  • 2015 – Croatia from Punat to Lastovo

This year, Laurent Lagrue and Alain Paravicini will be setting off on an expedition to Svalbard!

This archipelago lies in the Arctic Ocean, 1,000km from the Norwegian coastline. It comprises three main islands covering 62,050km² with around 2,000 inhabitants, who all live on the biggest island, Spitzberg. The rest of the archipelago is home to an estimated 3,500 polar bears, whose population has been increasing over the last few years (this is one of Svalbard's unusual features, as elsewhere in the world the polar bear population is in decline).

This time it is not just a sailing trip but a full-on expedition, involving a whole host of challenges linked to the weather conditions, ice, the remoteness, the barren environment and of course the presence of polar bears.

The Zodiac Adventure team is aiming to get to grips with more technical sailing by drawing on their combined experience to prove that you don't necessarily need to take a cruise on an ocean liner to discover far-off lands.

They will also take advantage of their expedition to record the extent of global warming damage and help develop collective awareness about the issues.

THE BOAT: a Bombard Commando C4, a soft-bottomed boat which can be dismantled and transported in a box.

This boat has support bands under the keel which is perfect for the programme.

To find out more, take a look at their website:
And follow the adventure on Facebook