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Boat maintenance

Boat maintenance
Boat maintenance

APRIL Marine Entretien A must-have tool to keep your boat in good working order!

APRIL Marine offers customers a free, online maintenance log, an intuitive online interface making it easier to keep track of any maintenance work to be carried out on your boat.

An ideal tool to keep your boat in good working order all year round, so you can sail safely all summer and get through winter with complete peace of mind. A selling point for your boat.

Security check-list

The new regulations (Division 240 in force since 1st May 2015) have changed the sailing zones as follows:

  • Basic: up to 2 miles from a shelter, for unregistered craft in particular,
  • Coastal navigation: from 2 to 6 miles from a shelter,
  • Semi-ocean navigation: from 6 to 60 miles from a shelter,
  • Ocean navigation: over 60 miles from a shelter.

If you go sailing on a boat which is 24 metres or less, you must be equipped with certain mandatory items. APRIL Marine has produced a check-list for the mandatory equipment to make it easier for you to kit out your boat and to ensure your safety.

Download the check-list

The advantages of april marine

To make sure your boat's safety fittings are up-to-date, why not use your free, online maintenance log. And to kit out your boat, don't forget the APRIL Marine online store, where you can take advantage of special discounts on selected products.