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Marine weather

Marine weather

Shipping forecasts and weather warnings Do you check the weather regularly before heading out to sea?

Good news! APRIL Marine has worked on an innovative solution to send you the daily shipping forecast by email, according to your boat's location and the frequency of emails you wish to receive. A reassuring service!

Sail away, APRIL Marine is right behind you!

Prepare your boat trips thoroughly with the shipping forecasts

By taking out an APRIL Marine policy, you will receive your shipping forecast free of charge to ensure you sail safely all summer.

Go to your personal section, locate your boat on the online map and activate the automatic shipping forecast in accordance with your preferences: which email address you would prefer to use to receive the forecast, how often you would like them to be sent, the type of information (grib / html), etc. As such you will receive the shipping forecasts by email, according to your boat's location and the frequency of emails you wish to receive.

You can also refer to the wind map and the 5-day forecast directly on the online interface.

Happy sailing!

Has a gale warning been issued?

Receive weather warnings to enable you to secure your boat before a gale (force 8 or above) and to get through winter with complete peace of mind. APRIL Marine sends out a weather report all year round: if a gale warning has been issued for the area your boat is located, you are alerted the day before by email to give you time to take preventative steps to ensure your boat stays safe.

Top tips to keep your boat safe:

  • check the boat's mooring (if possible, double it)
  • check the state of the fenders and make sure they are positioned correctly
  • check the sails are correctly folded and/or rolled up (if possible take them down)
  • check all the awnings are properly closed (if possible take them down)
  • check the deck hatches are watertight
  • check the through-hull valves are properly closed
  • don't forget to check on the neighbouring boats (if their boat goes adrift, it could damage yours)
Our customers share their experience

Thank you for this application, provided by APRIL Marine, which will be very useful as soon as spring comes around. In just a few seconds, we, as seafarers, can get an overall idea of what to expect.
Well done! And on top of that, with PolarView, the grib file is really easy to use.

P.S. I am speaking from experience, with 28 years of sailing under my belt, including a tour of the Atlantic as a couple. And all of that without any hiccups!

Gilbert, policyholder at APRIL Marine since 2014

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