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Vessel Monitoring

Vessel Monitoring

APRIL Marine surveillance Keep an eye on your boat or your jet-ski!

Because your boat's security is a must, APRIL Marine has set up APRIL Marine Surveillance for you. Select the geopositioning and security programme which suits your needs.

Sail away, APRIL Marine is right behind you!

APRIL Marine surveillance: a simple, effective solution

APRIL Marine has launched APRIL Marine Surveillance in association with Dolink, a virtual monitoring and security system for your boat using an online interface and an alarm system.

A beacon (Vigil boat) installed on your boat enables you to pin point its location using an effective, user-friendly, online interface. An alert is sent to you by email or text message as soon as the boat leaves a pre-defined area. A tracking system makes it easier to find your boat (or motor, if the beacon is placed directly on the motor) if an alert has been raised. A motion detection sensor alerting you in the event of a break-in on the boat can be installed as an optional feature. You can also be alerted in the event of a leak by installing a water level sensor in addition.

A discount on your insurance premium the first year

Included in your policy
At APRIL Marine, prevention is rewarded! Take advantage of a 10% discount on your insurance premium for the first year.

A service to make it easier for you to receive the weather forecast

With a Vigil Boat beacon installed, your boat is automatically pinpointed. You can therefore receive the weather forecasts and reports according to your boat's location. The service also includes practical sailing and weather monitoring tools: gale warnings, a wind map, a distance and direction calculator, a route planner as well as a tool to inform friends and family about journeys.

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