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Collaborative sailing

Collaborative sailing

Collaborative sailing Sailing can also take advantage of the boom in the sharing economy!

Online exchange service for crew, co-sailing, lending of boats free of charge or private hire, are you interested in trying out collaborative sailing? Make sure your boat insurance policy covers you for these types of activities.

Sail away, APRIL Marine is right behind you!

Boat hire between individuals

Occasional or regular paid boat hire

It is up to the leaser to make sure that their insurance policy covers this situation. In most cases, this requires the policyholder to take out a cover extension. Depending on how often you hire out your boat (rarely, for several months, just a few days per week, etc.), we can offer you a solution to suit your circumstances.

The advantage of APRIL Marine: do you hire out your boat for more than a fortnight a year?

In that case, it would be better for you (more profitable) to ask us to change your policy and to add on a supplementary clause which allows you to hire out your boat to private individuals.

Contact us to update your policy!

APRIL Marine is partners platforms specialised in boat hire amongst private individuals, such as Click and Boat and Boaterfly.

Lending of boats free of charge

Occasionally lending your vessel to another boater free of charge

Insurance policies often allow you to let someone else take out your boat. However, this person must have an appropriate boating licence and only be using your boat for recreational purposes.

The advantage of APRIL Marine: APRIL Marine automatically includes lending in its boat insurance policies free of charge.

Nevertheless, don't forget to sign a lending agreement with the borrower.

Online exchange service for crew and co-sailing

Set sail with crew or passengers who are making the most of your journey free of charge

Heading out to sea is not always plain sailing. It can be difficult to find the time and the money to take your boating licence or learn to sail, and to take full advantage of the adventures offered by the sea. It can also be difficult to find fellow crew members, or if you end up sailing on other people's boats all the time. However, there may be someone, somewhere near you, who would be interested in sharing their enthusiasm and their outings with you!

  APRIL Marine's favourite

Get on your smartphones and download the 'ShareMySea' application to find other boaters interested in sharing their enthusiasm with you.

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The advantage of APRIL Marine: APRIL Marine automatically includes co-sailing in its boat insurance policies free of charge and without any additional procedures required. Think about it.

There is one condition, however: the co-seafarers on your boat must not be paying for this service. So make sure you do not overestimate how much you ask your guests to contribute to the costs (onboard kitty, maintenance), especially if there are a lot of them.