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Transferring engine damage cover

Transferring engine damage cover

Transferring engine damage cover The first cover of its kind on the market

Included in the Horizon policy

Buying a second-hand boat can be risky. That is why APRIL Marine provides engine damage cover. This makes it easier for people to sell on their boat, and offers buyers reassurance.

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REMINDER: what is engine damage cover?

  • Your engine is covered up to 50 years, in the event of an accident or otherwise, if it has less than 1,500 hours of use. Following random mechanical damage, repair work carried out in France is covered following agreement by APRIL Marine, subject to the specified terms. Example: broken cylinder head gasket, starter or alternator.
  • To make it easier to sell on your boat, cover can be extended free of charge to the buyer for a period of three months.

This cover is included in eligible Horizon and Horizon Premium policies.

How can you transfer engine damage cover to your future buyer?

When submitting your ad online, state whether your current policy includes engine damage cover. It will make your boat easier to sell and reassure buyers about their purchase

It's quite straightforward:

  1. Check whether you have engine damage cover.

    When submitting your ad on APRIL Marine's Classifieds website, call APRIL Marine on +332 49 98 85 00. If your engine is covered, you will receive the documents listed below which need to be sent to your buyer
    • The « engine damage cover » general terms and conditions, also available online.
    • A « transfer coupon » to be filled out and signed by both you and the buyer and returned to APRIL Marine within eight days of the transaction.
    • A bill of sale to facilitate procedures.
  2. When submitting your advertisement, make sure you tick the following box:

    Case à cocher « I hereby certify that I have APRIL Marine engine damage cover and would like to transfer it free of charge to the purchaser of my boat for a period of three months, subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the policy ».
  3. This label is then automatically placed on your boat's classified ad.
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