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Recommended applications

Recommended applications
Applications recommandées

Recommended applications Get downloading!

To make sailing easier for you, APRIL Marine has selected a range of useful, innovative applications which are free of charge.

Sail away, APRIL Marine is right behind you!

APRIL Marine application
APRIL Marine

The must-have free application for all boaters

APRIL Marine Assistance
  • Contact the emergency or assistance services 24/7 in the event of a problem in dock or at sea. APRIL Marine is notified and will then contact you according to the situation.
  • Make a claim directly via your mobile application: fill in the date and place of the accident, add a brief description of the circumstances as well as photographs. Your request is then processed by the APRIL Marine claims teams in just a few clicks.
  • Download your insurance certificate at any time or send it to an email address of your choice directly via the mobile application. It's practical and also very useful if you are sailing from port to port.
  • Check your boat, jet-ski or towline insurance policy's key cover.
  • Take advantage of practical services throughout the year to make your sailing trips easier (shipping forecast, nautical charts, tidal information), follow the latest sailing news and make the most of reductions offered by our partners year-round.
  • Share your passion with others by joining the APRIL Marine community. You can also discover all of APRIL Marine's tips and advice on co-sailing, peer-to-peer boat rental, how to find a mooring or berth, etc.
  • Are you an APRIL Marine satisfied customer? Refer your friends, family or dock-mates and we will send you a €20 gift voucher for each referral.
Sharemysea (APRIL Marine's favourite)

The application for collaborative sailing (co-sailing, online exchange service for crew)

Application ShareMySea

The mobile application ShareMySea brings together boat owners with sailing enthusiasts to organise trips out to sea. ShareMySea is available on iPhone and Android smartphones and uses geopositioning technology to enable you to view any offers for sailing trips near you! ShareMySea has reinvented the online exchange service for crew.

The service is available free of charge to make it even more accessible! Download it right away and adopt the ShareMySea reflex for your future sailing trips! Go sailing more, share your passion and, if you want to, the costs of the trip.

As part of its policies, APRIL Marine automatically covers co-sailing, without any additional procedures required. Don't miss out!


The moorings application for the Mediterranean

Application Donia

Prepare your trip and view your mooring site thanks to Donia.

Share information with the community as you sail, about the marine life you spot, or your favourite places, thanks to the 'share' button.

Thanks to the optional anti-collision, anti-drifting and anti-tangling alerts, you can drop anchor and relax with complete peace of mind.

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The application for ports and stopover requests

Application Navily

Discover each port's profile (photos, services, equipment, prices, events, etc.)

Request a stopover directly with the port and enjoy your afternoon.

Discover and share moorings (photos, comments and rankings).

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The app for all angling enthusiasts

Application FishFriender

All your fishing information in one single application.

Set up your fishing log, track and analyse your catches, share your photos and discover new ways of fishing worldwide.

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