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APRIL has a partnership with Seldén, the leading global manufacturer of deck upperworks and rigging.


Because the safety of our recreational boaters is paramount, APRIL Marine has joined forces with Seldén this year and is offering you a visual inspection of your rigging.

The expert's advice

Rigging combines masts, booms, shrouds and other equipment. It is a sizeable and essential part of your sailboat, just as much as the sails and the engine. You should therefore make sure you don't overlook it.

The mast and the rigging should be checked regularly at the beginning and the end of each season, particularly before and during any long trip. This includes an in-depth inspection of each of the standing and the running parts. If the mast has been unstepped, the initial adjustments made in port should be checked and fine-tuned at sea.

In order to achieve the best balance between performance, reliability and safety, a minimum level of knowledge is required to make these adjustments.

Seldén has produced a practical guide containing instructions and advice to give you a better grasp of how to adjust your mast, whether it is masthead rigged, fractionally rigged with in-line or swept-back spreaders, with or without a running backstay, etc. It also includes advice on how to maintain, handle and store your rigging.

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Do bear in mind, however, that as the owner of your boat, you are responsible for any accident or damage which may result from negligence or bad manoeuvring. The Seldén guide is an informative tool, however the safety and security of the boat and its crew rely on the good judgement and care taken by the skipper. If in doubt, don't hesitate to contact a rigger.

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