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Sales deeds

Sales deeds

Sales deeds APRIL Marine makes it easier for you to sell your boat!

We make the procedures easier by offering you the possibility to download your boat's sales deeds free of charge. Don't miss out, it's free... regardless of whether you are an APRIL Marine customer or not!

Sail away, APRIL Marine is right behind you!

Download your sales deeds free of charge

APRIL Marine, the specialist in boat insurance and financing, can help you through the procedures and make it easier to sell your boat by offering you the possibility to download a boat's sales deeds.

You will need to fill out the contact details of the buyer and the seller, information relating to the boat being sold, as well as the condition of the boat, in these sales deeds. The sales deeds must be filled out and signed by both parties (buyer and seller).

Take advantage also of the non exhaustive inventory listed on pages 3 and 4 of the sales deeds to specify:

  • the condition of the boat (sails, engine, moorings, ladder, lights and beacons, security equipment / life jackets / hand-held flares / extinguishers, dinghy, trailer, electrics, battery, GPS, mast lights, bedding, water, fridge, oven, table, seats, awning, cushions, etc.),
  • any damage or repairs,
  • the equipment inventory.
Procedure to follow

The person selling the boat must go to the customs office of the boat's home port with:

  • a photocopy of the buyer's identity documents,
  • the original purchase receipt for the vessel, or the original sales deeds including all the necessary information relating to the vessel and its situation (it should be approved by the French Sea and Coast Delegation if it is for a vessel with a paid crew),
  • certificate of registration as a French vessel,
  • two copies of the ship's registration document in the name of the buyer,
  • an ID photo,
  • your bank account details,

Please be aware: the seller is responsible for paying any navigation charges for the vessel until all the procedures have been completed.