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Top tips for transporting your boat safely

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  • Top tips for transporting your boat safely
    The first day of the holidays is fast approaching, the car is packed, full of luggage. You're about to attach your trailer and your boat.

    But have you remembered everything to make sure you are safe on the road?

    APRIL Marine is here to help:

The rules of the road to adhere to:

The Highway Code

  • Vehicles under 7 metres are subject to the same rules as other road users.
  • For vehicles over 7 metres (car + trailer), make sure you remain at a safe distance from other road users.

On dual carriageways and motorways, stay in the two right-hand lanes (in countries which drive on the right). When overtaking, smaller vehicles have priority.

Speed limits for vehicles + trailers with gross vehicle weight over 3.5 tonnes.

Cities 50 Km/h
Other roads 80 Km/h
Dual carriageways 90 km/h
Motorways 90 km/h

Number plates

Your number plate must be attached to the back of the trailer. If the gross vehicle weight is under 500kg, the number plate should be the same as the towing vehicle. If the gross vehicle weight is over 500kg, the trailer should have its own number plate and its own registrations documents.

Important information

Boat owners may not park their trailers in front of their own homes. This type of parking is deemed a disturbance by the Highway Code and you may be fined.

Be careful where you park!

Bear in mind that just like cars, trailers used on the road are subject to certain rules and restrictions.

For information about regulations, trailer insurance, gross vehicle weight, breaking with a trailer, licences and more, we are on hand to explain everything.

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