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Report a claim

Report a claim
Useful numbers

An accident?

Tel. : +33 (0)2 49 98 85 10
Monday – Friday, 9am - 12.30pm & 2pm - 6pm
(Calls charged at local rates, no additional charges)

If you are in danger:

Call the emergency services using channel 16 of your VHF radio. Failing that, you can dial 196 from your mobile phone (in France).
At sea, channel 16 on a VHF radio remains the best way of calling for help as the emergency services can locate you quickly.

If you need assistance:

If you have signed up to the APRIL Marine Assistance service, call us on +33 249 98 85 18 (24/7) before incurring any expenditure.

Our advice

In the event of an accident

  • Protect
    In order to limit the damage and avoid it becoming worse:
    • get a professional to carry out any safeguarding measures (e.g. rinsing the submerged motor);
    • in the event of a leak, turn on the bilge pumps, seal off the leak and take the boat out of the water if necessary;
    • dry out the bottom and rinse what you can after a leak;
    • protect it from humidity;
    • lock up the boat to avoid a second theft;
    • wait to receive confirmation from your insurer or the appointed expert before getting any repairs done;
    • keep hold of any damaged goods.
  • Take photographs
    • To make the claims handling process easier and quicker, take photographs of the damage done and/or caused before taking any action.
  • Alert
    • In the event of a theft, alert the appropriate authorities immediately (police, coast guard, etc.)
    • Contact a professional to get a quote for the repairs to the boat. Do not get the damage repaired without agreement from APRIL Marine. An expert may be appointed to record and assess the damage before any repairs are carried out.
    • Send your claim to APRIL Marine as soon as you are aware of the damage, within a maximum of two working days in the event of a theft and five working days for any other claim.
    • Send us proof of the existence of the damaged goods with original receipts, guarantees and photos.

In the event of a gale

  • Check the boat's mooring (if possible, double it)
  • Check the state of the fenders and make sure they are positioned correctly
  • Check the sails are correctly folded and/or rolled up (if possible take them down)
  • Check all the awnings are properly closed (if possible take them down)
  • Check the deck hatches are watertight
  • Check the through-hull valves are properly closed
  • Don't forget to check on the neighbouring boats (if their boat goes adrift, it could damage yours)
Top five claims

Top five claims

  • 1Collision: when two boats collide, particularly in port
  • 2Climatic events: gales, heavy rain, green seas, etc.
  • 3Bumping into shoal
  • 4Collision with a floating object or rope caught in the propeller
  • 5Partial theft: motor, GPS, VHF radio, etc

b Did you know?

  • The average cost of a boat accident is around €4,000.
  • Only 50% of accidents take place whilst sailing.
  • Sinistre au port
  • Sinistre voiture au port
Registering your claim
  • Pre-registering

  • Registering your claim online

  • Stages of a claim

Registering your claim online takes just a few minutes
It's easy! Let yourself be guided through the process. Once done, you will be sent:

  • your reference number for the claim,
  • the list of documents required to process your claim,
  • advice and tips about what to do in the event of an accident.

Registering a claim

In the APRIL Marine mobile application:
fill in the date and place of the accident, add a brief description of the circumstances as well as photographs. Your request is then processed by the APRIL Marine claims teams in just a few clicks.

  • Google Play
  • Apple Store

By telephone, on 02 49 98 85 10 :
An advisor will record your claim and explain the claims handling process. It's quick and easy.

...Or send it by post to
APRIL Marine - Service Sinistres - 4, avenue Carnot - CS 20420 - 85109 Les Sables d'Olonne Cedex, France

  • Explain in as much detail as possible how the accident happened.
  • State the date and place of the incident, or failing that, when you noticed the damage.
  • List the damage recorded.
  • Include the full contact details of the third party involved and if possible their insurer, if they have one.

Once your claim has been received you will receive a letter explaining what needs to be done to ensure your claim is properly processed.

Expert assessment of your boat

Expert assessment

An expert may be called on by the company to ascertain and assess the damage.
The expert is appointed once a quote has been received, or if necessary, after having examined your claim. In some cases, an expert assessment over the telephone may be enough. This solution is simple and quick, fitting in with your availability, involves experts carefully chosen by APRIL Marine and reduces the processing time.

Sailing experts

Are you looking to contact an expert to get their advice before buying, before taking out insurance or for a second opinion?
These bodies offer lists of sailing and maritime experts:

Who selects and appoints the expert?

Who selects and appoints the expert?

How much does an expert assessment cost?

The fees charged for an expert assessment depend on the length of your boat.


What is an excess?

It is an amount set by your policy which remains payable by you regardless.

What is depreciation?

It is a reduction equating to the new-for-old difference. It is a depreciation percentage resulting from the age, use and state of the goods.

What is a payment authorisation from the financing organisation?

If your boat has been financed through a boat lease purchase option, the leasing company owns your boat. We therefore have to obtain authorisation from them in order to make a payment to you or to the repair company.

Will there be an expert assessment?

The decision about whether to appoint an expert is taken by our teams according to the amount of damage. That is why in the majority of cases, we ask customers to provide a quote for repairs or replacement parts before making a decision. Consequently, we strongly recommend that you wait to receive our confirmation before authorising any repair works.

Who gives the go-ahead for works and when?

The owner of the boat is the only ordering party and the quotes and invoices should be made out in their name. If we appoint an expert, you need to wait until they have been to see the damage before beginning repairs/replacing parts. In the event of an accidental obstruction of the cooling system by a foreign body, the overheating must be recorded by the expert who must be there when the system is dismantled.

When will payment be received for the claim?

For Horizon policies, payments are made within 30 days from either the date of the agreement by the parties involved, and once the paperwork, in particular settled invoices, has been received, or from the enforceable legal ruling.

In the event of a third party being responsible, how am I reimbursed?

You shall be reimbursed according to the cover and clauses in your policy, so the excess shall be deducted and any depreciation applied. When the third party, or their insurer, has made the payment, we will refund these amounts paid by you. We do everything we can to obtain the reimbursement as quickly as possible.