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Argus pricing information

Argus pricing information
Cotation Argus

Argus pricing information APRIL Marine makes it easier to buy or sell your boat!

Calculate the official market price of the boat you want to sell or buy online.
Are you APRIL Marine customers ? Log into your policyholder page now and obtain all the valuation information you require free of charge. Or, go to the website of our partner, Argus Marine.

Calculate your boat's market price

Argus Marine
How is the argus pricing information calculated?

The value of a second-hand boat is calculated based on the new price, for a boat in good working condition, without any options, excluding any transaction fees (in the event of a part exchange) or repair costs.

In some cases, the value of the engine and any new or recently-replaced equipment should be added to the market price (dinghy, electronics, trailer, etc.) as well as any other options which increase the boat's value.

Please note: the boat's equipment can represent up to 30% of the total price.

In the sailing industry, manufacturing years begin on 1st September and end on 31st August the following year. For example, a boat built in October 2019 will have a 2020 manufacturing year, whereas a boat built in June 2019 will have a 2019 manufacturing year.

The valuation tool is updated in line with contributions from groups of maritime experts and sailing professionals who regularly analyse sales prices and transaction developments in the market.

Can all boats be listed?
  • All major boats and brands in the French market under 10 years old are listed in the Argus valuation tool.
  • Individual or custom-built boats do not appear.
  • Motor boats and sailboats over 10 years old are also listed, but their value is given as a minimum to maximum price range.
Find out more about argus marine

Launched in 2016, the Argus Marine website enables recreational boaters to get a valuation for any type of second-hand sailboat, motor boat, semi-rigid vessel, outboard motor or jet-ski.

The Argus Marine website has been part of the Argus Group since 2016. Major player in automobile valuations.