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Argus pricing information

Argus pricing information
Permis bateau

Argus pricing information APRIL Marine makes it easier to buy or sell your boat!

Calculate the official market price of the boat you want to sell or buy, free of charge.
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APRIL Marine, partner of L'Argus du bateau.

L'argus du
More specifically

The market value of a second-hand boat is calculated based on the price as new for a boat in good working condition, without options. The value of any equipment (dinghy, electronics, trailer, etc.) should be added to the boat's market value in order to work out the sale price.

In the sailing industry, manufacturing years begin on 1st September and end on 31st August the following year. For example, a boat built in October 2015 will have a 2016 manufacturing year, and a boat built in June 2016 will have a 2016 manufacturing year.