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Why opt for leasing to buy your future boat?

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  • Why opt for leasing to buy your future boat?
    With the sailing market growing fast, discover why you should opt for a leasing solution for your future purchase.

Five good reasons to buy a boat through leasing

  • Advantage No.1 50% reduction in VAT on the deposit and rental (VAT is set at 10% rather than 20%). This means the cost of buying your boat is very low, even negative.
  • Advantage No.2: protect and optimise your estate. Instead of buying upfront, you can keep your savings and yield a profit.
  • Advantage No.3: leasing agreements can be transferred, which makes it easier to sell on your boat.
  • Advantage No.4: equipment (GPS, sounding machine, etc.) can also be financed through leasing, offering a good way of kitting out your boat.
  • Advantage No.5: the boat is not included as part of your estate during the leasing period.

Leasing conditions

Why opt for leasing to buy your future boat?
  • The boat must fly the French flag
  • The boat must be over 5m long
  • The boat must be sailing category A, B or C
  • The boat must be sold by a sailing professional
  • The boat must be equipped for offshore sailing

Why choose APRIL Marine?

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APRIL Marine has become a sailing finance broker. There's your usual bank manager, and then there's APRIL Marine, your finance broker. Turning to APRIL Marine just once, means comparing four different banking proposals in one go.

APRIL Marine compares the range of services on offer and selects the best solution for you, tailored to your requirements.

As a sailing specialist for over 40 years, we support our customers from their initial project to the delivery of their boat.

Recreational boaters are often aware of the leasing option, however most sales in the sailing market are second-hand. Leasing can enable boaters to go upmarket by buying a new boat rather than a relatively new second-hand boat, without any additional cost.

It is always worth taking the time to look into any new purchase. That is why approaching a sailing broker makes complete sense.

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