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APRIL Marine raises awareness about sailing regulations at sea

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  • APRIL Marine raises awareness about sailing regulations at sea
    Safety at sea is everyone's business. APRIL Marine aims to help captains stay safe at sea by offering solutions to make sailing easier.

Captains have a great deal of responsibility regarding their vessel and must remain well-informed about sailing regulations, conditions, the shipping forecast and the course they have planned.

Three key points to ensure safety at sea:

Ensure you have the right licence and are aware of the sailing regulations whilst the boat is in your possession

This year, in association with Codes Rousseau, APRIL Marine is helping to raise awareness amongst seafarers about changes in the boating licence sailing regulations. You can now go to and test your knowledge of the boating licence by taking 3 series of online quizzes under exam conditions, made available free of charge. A good way to start revising and get practising! Have a go here.

Permis bateau - Codes Rousseau - Tests

APRIL Marine has also given all its customers a sailing prompt sheet to help them remember the key points of the boating licence. A useful and practical tool to take on board to help you set sail with peace of mind this summer!

Download your sailing prompt from your APRIL Marine online policyholder section.

Did you know?

At APRIL Marine, supervised motor boat sailing is automatically covered! Anyone aged 16 and over is therefore insured to sail a boat as long as they are supervised by someone who has held a boating licence for at least three years. You simply need to fill out a ‘ motor boat licence supervised sailing declaration ’ in advance, which is available on // permis bateau et navigation de plaisance. This form should be sent to the head of maritime affairs (sea and coastal delegation) in the relevant area. Now’s the time to start training up your friends and family!

Making sure your on-board equipment complies with regulations

With services to check the fitting out of safety equipment offered by APRIL Marine Entretien, customers can enjoy a service tailored to their needs to ensure their equipment complies with regulations and is suitable for their boat. A boating professional carries out the safety control, offers advice and checks the boat and its on-board equipment.

Ensuring you do things right automatically, before setting sail and once at sea