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New regulations in place since 1st May 2015

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  • New maritime regulations
    New maritime regulations were implemented on 1st May 2015 to bring more coherence to the current communications and rescue services (CROSS), assigning different technical regulations for boats according to their navigation area.

New navigation areas


Known as Division 240, this new regulation has modified navigation zones as follows:


  • Basic up to 2 miles from the coast, for unregistered craft in particular
  • Coastal from 2 to 6 miles from the coast
  • Semi-ocean from 6 to 60 miles from the coast
  • Ocean over 60 miles from the coast


New equipment


From 1st January 2017 you will be required to have a fixed VHF radio when sailing in a semi-ocean navigation zone. Using a VHF radio not only reduces the costs of search and rescue operations, but also helps them to be more targeted and makes them easier to organise. You will need a radio licence or a Restricted VHF Radio Certificate.


Radio beacons at over 60 miles from the coast


From 1st May 2015, all vessels sailing at over 60 miles from the coast must be equipped with a radio beacon. The SNSM does not in fact operate over 20 miles from the coast. In such cases, air rescue services are required. Beacons make it possible to locate the vessel and to find out whether assistance or rescue services are required. A hand-held VHF radio remains mandatory in addition, to be able to communicate with the aeroplane or helicopter.


Changes in regulations for jet skis


Jet-skis, which were previously limited to going up to 2 miles offshore, will now be allowed up to 6 miles. The machinery has evolved and manufacturers now sell models equivalent to small motor boats, which are much more stable.
It was therefore important to allow them further out to sea. Security equipment, however, must be suitable for this use. Jet-ski owners must therefore have a compass and a waterproof, paper or digital map with them on board.


To find out more, take a look at the information below:



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